Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TWO YEARS! Since I've updated my blog.. hahaha

Wow... It's been almost TWO long years since I've updated my blog. I happens to view my blog yesterday, and decided to blog something.. haha. Loads of things happened in this 2 years, I'm out of college, got my 1st job as a Web Designer, bought my 1st Car, got my 1st Credit Card. No more lepaking at college with friends, no more yam cha till morning...

Really miss those old days. And what makes me feels nostalgia is a thread in LowYat Forum, everybody posted their old fav toys and games that they played when they're young, most of them are still fresh in my memories. I'll post some of those in here, hehe..

My Dad used to make kites for us, from plastic bags. When it flew wayyy up to the sky, I'll feel very excited, Haha.

Ding Dang & Tora! I always buy these when I was in Primary School. I'll take those toys out and throw away the chocolates, hehe.

THIS!!! I got these when I was really really small, loved them so much... Until my mum throws them away because I don't clean up after playing... aiks..

Colorful Biskut Bunga~ My mum used to buy these for me when I was little, she knows I like them a lot.

Gasing! My Dad taught me how to play this, he'll show off his Gasing Stunts(lame stunts, lol)

Hocuspocus!! I forgotten when I played this, but this was one of my FAV, controlling a little wizard, zapping monsters.. haha

OMG... This.... How could anybody forgot this, this was like the most popular stuff in the 80's.. hahaha. Most of my savings was contributed to this.

Western Bar!! Loved this when I was little, I wonder who bought for me?

LOL! I used to scare cats around the neighbourhood using those...

I believe they still sell these stuff now? Very fun and safe, my Dad used to buy it to use a lot(mainly because it''s cheap)

Haha, The Tattoo chewing gum, love the taste, love the fake tattoos.

Aaaaaa, I remember won a really rare shiny DragonBall Card, I literally JUMPED of excitement.. lol.

Bumble Bee!! Started playing those when I was in Secondary School, I just know a few moves though.

Shakers!!! My most expensive stationary tools in secondary school, haha. I lost a few of these, PENCURI!!

Magic Cards!!! My very very Fav card game when I was in secondary. So miss the time we used to hang out and play Magic cards...

All those memories... I'm all grown up now, new challenges, new life, it's nice to look back at those old memories sometimes, but what's important now is the PRESENT, the FUTURE! I'm looking forward for more challenges in LIFE!!

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Wen Xian Joshua said...

haha...i still got my shakers with me :D