Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kimchi Kimochi~~

Last Sat, I went to PJ to visit Ms. Chan n had dinner together in Dae Jang Gum Korean Restaurant. It's my first time trying the korean food..

There are all together 9 different side dishes. N it's Free Free Free~~

I ordered the Ham Kim Chi Jji Gae.. Nice n Hot~ -RM17-

Ms. Chan's dish, the Soon Du Bu Jji Gae.. -RM17-

For my 1st time trying it, it's kinda good actually.. Looking forward for my next korean meal... Ms. Chan, i'm still waiting for your homemade Kimchi Jji Gae.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mirotic, I Got U!!!

Yesterday, Me and my friends(Fishy N PikaShua) went to Low Yatt Plaza to do some guys shoppin, PikaShua bought a graphic card(juz to play a game) and i bought an 8gb pendrive.. After tat, we went to Sungei Wang for lunch and juz walk around.. I was looking for the DBSK 4th Korean Album, Mirotic.. I didn't put any high hopes of finding the album there but to my suprise, THE ALBUM WAS ALREADY ON SALE!!!(thx a lot Fishy n PikaShua for the heads up). And thus, I bought the album... YEAH!!

The cover for the album, cool n creative~

The Album!! Cost me a fortune.. but it's still worth it!!

A 60 page photobook~

The Version A Set, contains the CD + Photobook~

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Sem~~

After weeks of bakuteh-ing, movie watching, and doin nothin.. Our new and final sem begun. Actually it'd already started a week ago, but since there're no classes for the 1st week, i post this blog on the 2nd week. We only have 2 days of classes per week, so i guess i'll have plenty of time doin... nothin, unless me and my group start doin our Final Year Project. It's the 1st day of the week and we had our 1st class today, the Internet Publishing which was lectured by Ms. Nur, a cool lec which gives a good impression on our 1st lecture class, much better than some previous lecturers.. cough*shan*cough.. After class, we had 3 hours of badminton game in the Sports Complex, a good 3 hours of sweat will surely make me sleep Extra soundly tonight(sorry roomies)..
I'll be goin Low Yatt plaza tomorrow, wonder what i'll buy?