Sunday, August 31, 2008

A WeekenD To Remember! -DAY 1-

Yesterday, which was the merdeka eve, me and my bunch of coursemates had BBQ in Fishy's house. Well, almost half of my class turned up in this BBQ event, but we still cant manage to finish the food. It was fun startin the fire, chit-chatin and gossiping around the fire. When i was BBQ-ing my last sausages, it begun to rain, tough luck.. So we hang out in the house for a while.

12 pm sharp, we ran like idiots outside the house(the rain stopped) to see fireworks around KLCC and the KL tower. Not very interesting though, maybe it's because the fireworks was so far away. So we went bac into the house where the REAL fun began.. LIQUOR TIME!! We play a couple of games which involve, of course, the liquors as punishment. As more and more of us drank, red faces began to appear.. But the fun still continues, u can hear more "Ka Chau, Ka Chau".. I myself can't seem to walk straight after the games.

When the liquor was gone and most of us starting to see stars, it was when the games ended. All of us went back home. I drove back to my KL house alone (thank god i din kill anybody on my way home) and hav a good nitght sleep and prepare for another great day tomorrow.

(p.s Will update -Day 2- tomorrow.. damn tired right now)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wall - EEeeeee

Ah~~ such a pleasent week without the stress of assignments.. Only a week ago, I was scratching my head to finish my assignments, now, I am scratching my head to think of what new movies to watch next, wahaha!

Meet Wall -E! a super duper cute n lovin robot. I went to KLCC(again) with a couple of my friends to watch this movie yesterday. N the queue for the tickets was kinda long even though it's Thursday noon.. Here's some info bout the movie:-

Wall- E, this dude is the man! He knows how to dance, sing(recorded), and even court robot babes. I lov the way he call out Evaaaaa.. lol.. The story is about Wall - E, a trash cleaner on earth(which was abandoned by humans bec it's filled with trashes), met a robot babe(EVE) who came to earth to find living plants. N the love stories goes bla bla bla.. Watch it yourself. 1 hour and 45 min of fun and laughter, very worth your time.. So i'll give it an 8/10.. Good work Pixar!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Phew~ after a looooong week... V'd finally passed up most of our assignments.. At last, I hav time to catch a movie! Woohoo!! This afternoon, me n my buddies went to KLCC to watch:-

Yeah, 21! I'd been wanting to watch this movie ever since i'd seen the trailer. It's bout a math genius guy(who juz turned 21) who's been invited to join a group of "Card Counting" club that.. er.. count cards... They are professional card counters that "earns" money from casino through card counting techniques, watch the movie for details.. This movie deserves a 7/10.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Love The World!!

I Love The World brought to you by Discovery Channel.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Meet Dave

Meet Dave, the artificial human robot from planet Nil. I watched this movie with my hometown friends yesterday in Sunway Pyramid. It's kinda hilarious at first, but gets kinda boring in the later part of the movie.

This movie is about an alien race the size of my thumb who came to earth with a spacecraft (dave) to retrieve an important sphere thingy.. Watch it yourself if u want to know the details..

At least it's worth my time, I was planning to watch 21, but had to change our plan last min..
Anyway, it's worth a 6/10 for my opinion.. so if u guys hav spare money n time, go ahead n watch it..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pyramid Pyramid~~

Behold! Malaysia's very own pyramid, the Sunway Pyramid. For the sake of my Photo Journalism assignment from our "beloved" Ms. Yarshi, I'd traveled all the way to Sunway Pyramid to take a couple(total of 71) of pics.

Welcome welcome!

Woo, there are umbrellas since ancient times..

Reminds u of any1 u know?

The tip of the pyramid.

The Renowned Heroes n Villains of our time..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yeah! My very own BLOG!!

Finally, I've created my very own blog.. Decided to start a blog a long time ago, but dunno why so lazy to click the "create blog" button, haha.. Since I'm kinda free today,(actually got loads of assignments chasing my ass), I'll juz go ahead with my blog.. hehe.. Anyway, hope u guys "phong cheong" n enjoy!! Adios!