Sunday, March 15, 2009

The MahadianZ 5A3 Gathering~~

Long Lost Friends~ Woo, it has been years since I last saw most of them, some grow bigger, some thinner, some stays exactly the same.. And I forgotten some of their names.. lol. We gathered together at the local McD in my hometown, Klang on Friday.. V only get to contact a bunch of them for this gathering. We chatted bout our old days while we're in our class, our old teachers, but the most comman question is, "what are you doin now har?"... haha.

3 cool guyZ.. On the left is Bryan, he only attended a month's worth of class in the whole form 5 year. The middle one is our class monitor. And the last 1 is of course the leng chai, ME~ lol..

Tat's me n lee chen, my heng dai! So stress taking pic beside her.. wahaha..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The KuKup Chronicles - Day 2 (KuKup to Melaka)

Aaahh.. The Great Sunrise of KuKup.. (I din't saw it though.. I was sleeping like a pig)

We had nasi lemak and goreng pisang for breakfast.

A quick group pic before we head back.

We took the same boat like yesterday, but before we head back, we had a brief stop in one of the fish farm(?). The are a guy there who explain the kinds of fish they have there, very interesting~

Variety of Fishes in the nets.

An un-evolved fish since the prehistoric times!

The cute balloon(?) fish.. It'd funny how the guy squeeze it and it just expands like a small balloon.. lol..

They even have sharks! A tiny one, but still a shark..

Another group pic before we head back to the boat.
When we arrived at the port, the owner took us to a restaurant where we had our lunch there.. 7 dishes for each table.. 7 FREAKING DISHES!! It even included crabs and fish.. Wow... But that was not the end of our trip~ Next Stop, MELAKA!

Welcome to the Jonker Street!
It's almost like the petaling street in KL..

We had Ais Kacang~ And the Asam laksa there are not bad..

Lookout! The gangster of Jonker Street! Well, they sure looks like gangsters, lol..
After shopping for some stuff, we head back home and tat was the end of our 2 Days 1 Nite Trip to KuKup and Melaka.. We sure have a lot of fun there, hope that there'll be another trip like this in the future~~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The KuKup Chronicles - Day 1 (KL to KuKup)

A couple of weeks ago, me and the AML2 gang had a one night 2 days trip to KuKup in Johor. It's a 3 and a half hour car ride to Kukup.

Upon arrival to Kukup, we took a short boat ride to our accommodation.

Group Pic.

Home Sweet Home~ Nice and Comfy.

Lunch Time!
And what's the 1st thing we did for entertainment there?

Mahjong of course! Mahjongs are provided there.

After mahjong, we head straight to Black Jack~ We still had that CNY mood.

Tat's ah Mok singing his fav oldies..

Dinner Time! A well served BBQ dinner by the owner. Yum Yum~~

Later tat nite, we all gathered together for some game time.. I'm not gonna post any pic regarding the game, too much violence...
That's about it on the first day in KuKup, I'll post the second part when i feel... less lazy..

Here's some random pix~

Monday, March 9, 2009

Street Fighter : The Legend Of Chun Li

Went on a little outing wit my friends, JP, Jacklyn, Fly Chai and unexpectedly, Ms Chan.. lol. We were expecting some major butt-kicking action in this movie, but ended up, a major disappointment.. First of all, Chun Li (Kristin Kreuk), isn't much of a Chun Li.

No bun hair-do, no cute outfit, no big butt..

Plus the story-line aren't that interesting, too straight forward. Their special effects aren't much of a special effects either.. (I LOLed when Chun-Li shot somekind of energy ball at Bison when she could just kick him right in the face instead)

Oh well, everyone has their own opinion on everything and this is definately not my cup of tea.. I give it a 3/10. One point for Kristin Kreuk, she's not much of a Chun Li, but she sure is HOT. One point for those good LOLs even though those scenes are meant to be serious. One more point just because I'm generous.