Thursday, August 20, 2009

-RIP JaGi-

A few weeks ago, Camie gave me a game called G-Force. It's a game version of the 3D Animation, G-Force. The game is about a guinea pig called Darwin with his team of intelligent guinea pigs completing SWAT-like tasks with cool gadgets. I finished playing the game recently, and suddenly started to think about my old guinea pig, Jagi, that died a few months ago... So search my old pics and found some pics of Jagi and decided to post a blog about her. Yeah, it's a she.

Meet Jagi~ When I bought her, she was just 1 month old. She started to grew bigger and bigger after just a month . Maybe I fed her too much.

See what I mean? She's a handful..

She likes close up pictures.

Tat's her boyfriend. Owned by my housemate in KL.

Yeah, she's bigger than her bf, that is why she always bully him.

She likes to look at people with her large eyes.

And she also likes to pee on me when I put her onto me.

A hole from the roof of a box house I made for her.

Bath Time~ She hates it..

She accompanies me when I'm studying hard.

Sleeping soundly in the box house...

I'm really gonna miss her. RIP Jagi......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Liverpool Choronicles : Chapter 13 - Lamb Chop Chop Chop!

For today's blog, I'll be posting about something we cooked for yesterday's dinner, which was my favorite.... LAMB CHOP!!

Yum Yum Yummy~
Well, many people thought "hey, you're in a western country, you guys should be tired of eating western food by now..." The fact is that we cook and eat rice almost everyday, like when we're in Malaysia.. So please don't think that we eat chicken chop, fish & chip, pork chop or whatever chop everyday. And lamb chops are a delicacy for us students here. Alrite then, let's continue~

1st we need lamb chops.. well, DUH! Then we marinate it with some Mummy Cassie's Secret Ingredient...

It looked delicious even before it was cooked...

Vegetables Ladies~ Potatoes and Asparagus are prepared as a side dish for the lamb chop.

Mr. Arsenal cool posing which peeling the potatoes..

The lamb chops are fried with oil until its' 50% cooked.

Since there are a lot of people eating, we need two pans to accelerate the cooking process.

Wow.. 50% cooked lamb chops are all done, but not ready to be eaten yet.

Next, we baked the lamb chops for a while in the oven.

The kitchen was in a chaotic situation with so much to do, and so little time....

While waiting the lamb chops, we prepared the asparagus.

Chef Camie~ She came out to help us even though she's doing her assignment..

Deep fried asparagus!! Everything we ate yesterday was oily and fried.. not very healthy, but oh well, it's LAMB CHOP!

Everything's place into position while waiting for the cheese mash potato in the oven. I didn't take any cheese mash potato's process picture because....

Yeah, it's too smoky.. The whole kitchen are shrouded with smoke from the oven. Thank god the fire alarm didn't go off.

At last, all done, all cooked and ALL EAT!

After 3 hours of cooking, everyone's tired and hungry. Look at Arsenal's face, he's trying to chew the plates too..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Liverpool Choronicles : Chapter 12 - Scotland!! (Day 3 + 4 Ends)

Let's continue from day 3~~
After visiting Urquhart Castle, we head straight to the city of Glasgow. The scenery from Loch Ness to Glasgow was amazing. Here's some pics:

We stopped by half way to take pictures because the view was just breath taking.

Mini waterfalls.

Scenery that can be seen only in movies.

We met some biker gang on the road. Cool~

And the most magnificent of all, rainbows.. That was the first time in my life seeing a full rainbow. Which almost made me belief there's really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow(scottish leprechaun myth).

We reached Glasgow and checked in to our hostel around 10pm. Nice room, a bit old and spooky, but still nice. We went out to grab a bite at the local fish & chip and head to bed.

DAY 4.
We explore a bit at Glasgow, but did not take much pictures cause it's just like most cities, shopping malls, shops, clubs, u know what I mean. So after a while, we head to our next and last destination, Lake District!

Windermere of Lake District~ Rainy day, washed most our mood for exploring there.

A small harbor.

Boat boat boats!

Duck duck ducks!

Well, it could have been fun if it wasn't raining. A lot of ducks take shelter at the shore of the lake.

Each of the small boat have names, this 1 is called Gypsy.

A Wishing Well. Throw a coin and make a wish! I would have made a wish if my hands wasn't holding a camera and an umbrella...

We head back to Liverpool after that. It was a really tiring road trip, especially for the drivers, Thanks a million for those who drove during the trip! Even though it was tiring, we had a really fun time during that 4 days in Scotland.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Liverpool Chronicles : Chapter 11 - Scotland!! (Day 3)

Next stop, Loch Ness!! Yeap, the Loch Ness Lake famous for its sea monster legend, the Loch Ness Monster aka Nessie.

We took about 3 and a half hours drive to reach Loch Ness, and the size of the lake is no joke, it's HUMONGOUS! I thought it was the sea. Once we reached there, we explore a bit and we found.........

Waaahhrrggggggggg!! It's the Loch Ness Monster!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

After few hours of wrestle and hassle with Nessie, I finally subdue the monster. Phew, the day was saved once again...

Alright, enough with the crap, we went to Urquhart Castle nearby the lake.

Or what's left of it...
We have to pay 7 pounds per person for the entry fees

Catapult! The ultimate ancient weapon!

Some towers and rooms still remains in the ruin of the castle.

Beautiful view of the lake can be view from the castle towers.

And some random pictures during our road trip:

More cool pictures of Scotland coming soon, I need to start doing my Final Project now~