Thursday, August 20, 2009

-RIP JaGi-

A few weeks ago, Camie gave me a game called G-Force. It's a game version of the 3D Animation, G-Force. The game is about a guinea pig called Darwin with his team of intelligent guinea pigs completing SWAT-like tasks with cool gadgets. I finished playing the game recently, and suddenly started to think about my old guinea pig, Jagi, that died a few months ago... So search my old pics and found some pics of Jagi and decided to post a blog about her. Yeah, it's a she.

Meet Jagi~ When I bought her, she was just 1 month old. She started to grew bigger and bigger after just a month . Maybe I fed her too much.

See what I mean? She's a handful..

She likes close up pictures.

Tat's her boyfriend. Owned by my housemate in KL.

Yeah, she's bigger than her bf, that is why she always bully him.

She likes to look at people with her large eyes.

And she also likes to pee on me when I put her onto me.

A hole from the roof of a box house I made for her.

Bath Time~ She hates it..

She accompanies me when I'm studying hard.

Sleeping soundly in the box house...

I'm really gonna miss her. RIP Jagi......

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