Monday, June 29, 2009

Liverpool Chronicles : Chapter 6 - First Month!

It's been officially one month since I've arrived here in Liverpool! Wow.. time passed by so freaking fast (so is my assignment's due date). We have all slowly adapted in this foreign place, and I would definitely miss the cold weather here once I'm back in Malaysia. But after just one month here, I'd already form a "What I Will Do When I Go Back Malaysia" list in my head. Here's my list:

1: Yam cha in Mamak for one whole week non-stop
2: Hang out with Klang buddies
3: Hang out with KL buddies
4: Eat Nasi Lemak + Ayam Goreng
5: Eat Roti Canai
6: Eat Kai Fan(Chicken Rice)
7: Eat Ngap Fan(Duck Rice)
8: Eat Siew Yok Fan(Pork Rice)
9: Eat Bakuteh (extra rice, extra soup, extra pork!)
10: Repeat all the above for another week.

You guys must be wondering why majority of my To Do list involve eating.. that's because, all we eat here are BREAD!!! BREAD BREAD BREAD!!!! DUN LET ME SEE ANY BREAD BACK IN MALAYSIA!! I'LL TEAR THEM APART!! WARGGGGGGG!! Ahem.. Like I said, all bread.. I'll quarantine myself from breads for at least one month once I get back. Yeah, we have really wonderful dinner cooked by our wonderful chefs during dinnertime, but during breakfast and lunch... "Hey, whatca have there? wow, ham sandwich!", "Hey, whatca bring for ur lunch?, wow, egg sandwich!", "Hey dude, what will you bring for tomorrow's breakfast? WOW, EGG + HAM sandwich!"@#$%%&^%$^$%$#... Well, that's all my complaints, sorry if you're disturbed by this. Now, for the fun stuff!

The Dino Coin! I got this from the museum I visited a few days ago. It was actually a Penny coin squash and reshaped into this Dino Coin by a machine. There are 4 dino shapes to choose from, I got this 1, the Velociraptor(I know there are T-Rex shapes available too.. T.T).

This is the original coin, One Penny.

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