Saturday, June 20, 2009

Liverpool Chronicles Chapter 4 - TransChester

First of all, sorry for being so lazy by not updating my blog.. I tried to update, but my lazy fingers juz dun let me... aiks.. Alrite, continuing from last time's Chester visit!

Big big church in Chester!

Weird rock.

Hearye Hearye! A guy dressed like an news announcer from ancient times.

And apparently, this women was found guilty for using too much of her husband's money for shopping.

Random piczz

Kids visiting Chester, cute bunch~

Gigantic onions! Bigger than my fist.

That's all for the Chester visit, now for my next blog........ MOVIES!

DaDaDaDaDa....... Come With Me If U Wan To Live!.. wait, tat's Terminator.. This is Transformers! Yup guys, I watched Transformers 2 right here in Liverpool!

It cost me 5 pounds and 20 pents! It's almost 30 bucks in ringgit.. This will be my 1st and last movie here.. The nice thing bout watching here is that it's free seating! Means you can sit wherever your butt wishes to sit. And we get some pretty good seating cause we entered early.

Now for the review. It's good, but confusing at the same time. Too much fighting, cameras spining here and there. The effects was pretty awesome, sooo I'll give it an 8/10, nice stories, not too boring, and very very cool 3Ds.

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