Sunday, June 21, 2009

Liverpool Chronicles : Chapter 5 - New Home Sweet Home

Juz wanna show you guys a bit of of my living place. Here goes~

First of all, my room. I manage to make it a mess on my 1st day living here! so proud of myself. Equipped with a radiator, toilet with shower, no fans(you won't need one).

My 3 month food supply, there's more in my closet.

Shoe shoe shoe..

My Head Gears.

I'm No. 1!! Room no.1 actually.

Stairways leading to my block, My block is the 1st floor. I will come down to the ground floor every evening to cook with the girls.

The entrance to my Hostel, complete with security systems.

Four floors all together.

Going out to explore more!

Beautiful walkway leading to other blocks.

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