Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Liverpool Chronicles : Chapter 2 - Randomz

Another set of random pics..

A radio tower in St John's Mall

And an idiot trying to eat it..

Me in front of a beautiful mini garden.

I had HotDog for lunch

Most of the buses here are double-deckers.

The Gang

The pigeons here are bigger than Malaysia's.. This 1 looks more like an eagle.

Cool police officers riding horses.. I only saw this once during my outing in Liverpool, good thing I had my camera tat time, Lucky~


Hon Mun said...

Wah! why joshua walk til so 'gay' one?

Wen Xian Joshua said...

walao...why so gay i look in ur camera ?

Elena said...

eeeeeee, so siok la ~~~~~ can't wait till next year ~~~~ envy giler ~!!