Sunday, August 2, 2009

Liverpool Chronicles : Chapter 8 - Scotland!! (Day 1)

Hooowdey~ It's already the second month since I've been here in Liverpool, just one more month to go for me to go back Malaysia.. I'm gonna miss the cold weather here T.T.. Last month was the busiest month for us, assignments to do, reports to write, it's a race against time for all of us here. After all tat havoc, we manage to get a 1 week holiday form our beloved lecturers (god bless you all) and we took the time and went on a road trip to SCOTLAND!

There are all together 13 of us in the road trip, so we rented 3 cars.

The main car was equipped with GPS. All set, and off we go~

First stop, Edinburgh! It was a 4 hours drive from Liverpool(stupid GPS nearly bring us go Holland) Once we reached, we checked in to our hostel which we booked a few days earlier, after that, we went exploring~

The Edinburgh Castle, the landmark of Scotland. There are still cannons positioned within the castle walls.

And a few more nice buildings and sculptures

The famous Scottish Bagpipe. This tradition are still maintained very well here.

And some bonus pictures:

Just for fun~

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