Monday, August 10, 2009

Liverpool Choronicles : Chapter 12 - Scotland!! (Day 3 + 4 Ends)

Let's continue from day 3~~
After visiting Urquhart Castle, we head straight to the city of Glasgow. The scenery from Loch Ness to Glasgow was amazing. Here's some pics:

We stopped by half way to take pictures because the view was just breath taking.

Mini waterfalls.

Scenery that can be seen only in movies.

We met some biker gang on the road. Cool~

And the most magnificent of all, rainbows.. That was the first time in my life seeing a full rainbow. Which almost made me belief there's really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow(scottish leprechaun myth).

We reached Glasgow and checked in to our hostel around 10pm. Nice room, a bit old and spooky, but still nice. We went out to grab a bite at the local fish & chip and head to bed.

DAY 4.
We explore a bit at Glasgow, but did not take much pictures cause it's just like most cities, shopping malls, shops, clubs, u know what I mean. So after a while, we head to our next and last destination, Lake District!

Windermere of Lake District~ Rainy day, washed most our mood for exploring there.

A small harbor.

Boat boat boats!

Duck duck ducks!

Well, it could have been fun if it wasn't raining. A lot of ducks take shelter at the shore of the lake.

Each of the small boat have names, this 1 is called Gypsy.

A Wishing Well. Throw a coin and make a wish! I would have made a wish if my hands wasn't holding a camera and an umbrella...

We head back to Liverpool after that. It was a really tiring road trip, especially for the drivers, Thanks a million for those who drove during the trip! Even though it was tiring, we had a really fun time during that 4 days in Scotland.

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