Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Liverpool Chronicles : Chapter 10 - Scotland!! (Day 2)

Dunno what to do, so update another blog. Maybe I slept too much.

Aaaanyway, day 2 has arrived. We planned to do some hill climbing~ Woohoo!

The Arthur's Seat! The tallest hill in Edinburgh. Took us an hour walk from our hostel to the hill, and another hour climbing to the top of the hill..

The view was already very nice on the hill sides.

A pond filled with swans.

A strange shell-less-slug I found while climbing up.

Most of the Edinburgh city can be seen just halfway from the top.

I took a few minutes break and enjoy the cool wind and view.

After a few more minutes, we reached the top! The wind was incredibly strong.

We conquered Arthur's Seat!! Woohoo~~

We can view the whole Edinburgh city from there.

The sun was setting, and we head back down.

The sunset shines on the brownish grass are so freaking beautiful.

Before heading back to our hostel, we went to the local restaurant and tried their traditional food, which was...

The Haggis! Which was made from sheep's heart, liver and lungs. It may sound and looked disgusting, but it tastes super~ It comes with mashed potatoes, and I was really stuffed after this meal. It's a MUST try when you guys comes to Scotland.

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