Monday, March 9, 2009

Street Fighter : The Legend Of Chun Li

Went on a little outing wit my friends, JP, Jacklyn, Fly Chai and unexpectedly, Ms Chan.. lol. We were expecting some major butt-kicking action in this movie, but ended up, a major disappointment.. First of all, Chun Li (Kristin Kreuk), isn't much of a Chun Li.

No bun hair-do, no cute outfit, no big butt..

Plus the story-line aren't that interesting, too straight forward. Their special effects aren't much of a special effects either.. (I LOLed when Chun-Li shot somekind of energy ball at Bison when she could just kick him right in the face instead)

Oh well, everyone has their own opinion on everything and this is definately not my cup of tea.. I give it a 3/10. One point for Kristin Kreuk, she's not much of a Chun Li, but she sure is HOT. One point for those good LOLs even though those scenes are meant to be serious. One more point just because I'm generous.

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