Sunday, March 15, 2009

The MahadianZ 5A3 Gathering~~

Long Lost Friends~ Woo, it has been years since I last saw most of them, some grow bigger, some thinner, some stays exactly the same.. And I forgotten some of their names.. lol. We gathered together at the local McD in my hometown, Klang on Friday.. V only get to contact a bunch of them for this gathering. We chatted bout our old days while we're in our class, our old teachers, but the most comman question is, "what are you doin now har?"... haha.

3 cool guyZ.. On the left is Bryan, he only attended a month's worth of class in the whole form 5 year. The middle one is our class monitor. And the last 1 is of course the leng chai, ME~ lol..

Tat's me n lee chen, my heng dai! So stress taking pic beside her.. wahaha..

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