Monday, September 1, 2008

A WeekenD To Remember! -Day 2-

Day 2,

Happy MERDEKA!!. Me and my same bunch of crazy friends ventured to my hometown, Klang, the city of Bakuteh! where u can find a bakuteh restaurant at every corner of the street. First, we starts our journey after all of us(3 cars full) gathered in Fishy's house. I was on the lookout for cops on the way to klang cause my car was occupied with 6 people including me, good thing there aren't any cops around. It was an hour drive when we reach our destination. I brought them to one of the bakuteh restaurant that I usually go in Bukit Tinggi. It's kinda cheap n the the boss is friendly(maybe bec there're 16 of us eatin there). It's really fun eating wit so many people, talking, playing, camera snapping here and there, there are 2 professional cameraman wit us, prohibiting us to eat our Bakuteh until they took pictures of every angle of the Bakuteh. Pity those guys sitting the same table wit those cameramans, i can see their saliva drippin looking at the Bakuteh(ya, i'm talking bout wong sifu).

After finish chewing every last piece of meat, we proceed to our next destination, Bukit Tinggi's Jaya Jusco, the largest Jusco in Malaysia(i think). V juz hangout here and there, looking at the shops, checking out klang's lala mui, breathing klang's "fresh" air.. We had our dinner in Jusco's Sakae Sushi. We had to separate our seats since we had 16 of us goin in together, so it's 8 person per table. Tat day, the 31th of august was one of my classmates, DIGI's brithday, yes he is a merdeka boy, so we planned a little suprise party for him in Sakae Sushi. Earlier, we bought 2 dozens of Big Apple's donut each added with a candle and sang the happy birthday song there.
After the meal, we all went back to KL and i drove them home. I stopped by at Fishy's house for a break before i drove back to my home in Klang again.. Well, it's been a really fun weekend, i really hope we can do it again sometimes..

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