Monday, September 29, 2008

Klang Trip part 2 - Day 1~

10 of my coursemates including me, travelled yet again to my lovely hometown, the Bakuteh Paradise, Klang.. V arrived there at 5pm and had our lunch which was of course, Bakuteh.

This time, the Bakuteh was recommended by Fishy.

Yum Yum~~

Later tat night, we headed to Bukit Tinggi's Jusco. There, we went to had a light snack, ICE CREAMS in Mill Wheel!

Looks tasty huh?

Next, we went to catch a movie, MaMa-Mia~~
Well, I won't say it's not worth my money, but i think this movie is more like the Channel V, where they actually sing more than they act.. But it's kinda nice though, the story n humour of the movie i mean... I giv it a 7/10.

After the movie, we went to a restaurant called Boston..

We finishes each dishes before the next dish even arrive.. We're like hungry dogs.. Roar!
After the meal, we head back to fishy's house where we spent a night there.. A sneak preview of what happened during our sleepover...

Human sandwich.. Such beasts.. I'm not one of them..

-Day 1 END-

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