Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mirotic, I Got U!!!

Yesterday, Me and my friends(Fishy N PikaShua) went to Low Yatt Plaza to do some guys shoppin, PikaShua bought a graphic card(juz to play a game) and i bought an 8gb pendrive.. After tat, we went to Sungei Wang for lunch and juz walk around.. I was looking for the DBSK 4th Korean Album, Mirotic.. I didn't put any high hopes of finding the album there but to my suprise, THE ALBUM WAS ALREADY ON SALE!!!(thx a lot Fishy n PikaShua for the heads up). And thus, I bought the album... YEAH!!

The cover for the album, cool n creative~

The Album!! Cost me a fortune.. but it's still worth it!!

A 60 page photobook~

The Version A Set, contains the CD + Photobook~

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vertexdesign said...

60 page photobook, so many wor !! this song "mirotic" not bad lo