Friday, August 22, 2008

Wall - EEeeeee

Ah~~ such a pleasent week without the stress of assignments.. Only a week ago, I was scratching my head to finish my assignments, now, I am scratching my head to think of what new movies to watch next, wahaha!

Meet Wall -E! a super duper cute n lovin robot. I went to KLCC(again) with a couple of my friends to watch this movie yesterday. N the queue for the tickets was kinda long even though it's Thursday noon.. Here's some info bout the movie:-

Wall- E, this dude is the man! He knows how to dance, sing(recorded), and even court robot babes. I lov the way he call out Evaaaaa.. lol.. The story is about Wall - E, a trash cleaner on earth(which was abandoned by humans bec it's filled with trashes), met a robot babe(EVE) who came to earth to find living plants. N the love stories goes bla bla bla.. Watch it yourself. 1 hour and 45 min of fun and laughter, very worth your time.. So i'll give it an 8/10.. Good work Pixar!

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